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May 16, 2015


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After you've done Bryce Canyon and Zion,Get out of where you are, head to Northern California, go to Quincy, you simply must ride the Oroville-Quincy HWY and La Porte roads,then head up through Greenville to Redding, ride HWY 36 to the coast, then go back and up to Hayfork,
Ride the "3"
Head back down the coast, don't missout on the road from Leggett to Fort Brag, then go back up the coastal range to Willits on the 20..
By then you'll need an oil change, maybe a new tyre.
Go here

Chico Motorsports
1538 Park Ave
Chico, CA 95928
United States

Meander your way back north to Lassen National Park


Was there a 350 Aermacchi in the Route 66 store,that's the one I sold the owner.


Did you go to the "Road Kill" cafe in Seligman?


I see you met the wild lady at Hackleberry store, very cute, we had a long chat when I was there :)I hope you are going to head north, I know it is a tad cool still, but Colorado and Utah are brilliant for all the canyons etc. The 4 corners monument will have you stretching :) I have very good contacts in Salt lake City if you get that far, a fellow Vstrom rider, he hosted me for 2 weeks when I first arrived


Hey Richard.
I think we are going to miss Colorado thus trip but are heading up through Utah.

I think I am going to need a tyre in Salt Lake City.
If your mate can recommend anywhere that would be great.
We would love to meet him for a local tour or something.


Klav we stopped at tier iAd kill but it was full of Asian tourists, so we gave it a miss.

Thanks for your other tips on norcal.


Didn't see it mate, but then I don't see a lot if stuff.


Therapist ?
Too late for that.
140 kph on ice, and all you can think about is getting it up the arse?


You would know all about getting it up the ass wouldn't you Monica.

Send cigars.


Good news is, looks like you fixed the fuel vaporizing problem.
Cigars are in the mail.

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