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May 09, 2009


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Absolutely bloody brilliant! I was hanging on to ever word of every post. It looks like you guys had a blast. I would have loved to come along, but honestly I don't think the DR400 (or my butt) was up to it. Birdsville races sounds like a MUST do in September.


I could almost fit the races in, let me think about it for a few seconds!



Well, next time take a strom, not the orange thing, but all in all I liked the report, even though I read it all a lot later.

See ya back in Oz sometime



Had some trips like that myself but only on bitumen. Those animals come from nowhere. Nearly copped the emu experince going from Broken Hill to Menindee. Lucky I missed. Glad I didn't take mum's advice and put on clean undies coz they just would have been dirty again! lol Enjoy those rides.


Thanks mate.
A few of us are heading out Back out that way to the birdsville races next week. Hopefully we wont have any more altercations with local wildlife. :-)

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