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May 13, 2010


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Man - what an awesome trip. Am heaps jealous!!

Have just discovered your blog and am going to come back check out some inspiration for future adventures.

Was that stretch of soft sand long? Could you get around it? It looks like the only part of your trip that might be a bit tough for my bike.


Glad you enjoyed it Herbie.
Te sand patches on that ride varied from 20-30 meters to several hundres meteres. If its sand riding your interested in stay tuned for daily updayes from our upcoming double transcontinental safari ride, whick will include the Simspson desert. 580 klm of soft sand and 1100 sand dunes.
We depart on the 11th september.


Ooh ... Am definately looking forward to reading more about that.

I asked because I ride a CBF250 road bike that I ride more as an off-road bike but it doesn't handle the sand too well (not surprising really). Sounds like I'd be able to get around the sand on this ride though if it's only couple hundred metres at a time.

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