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January 01, 2009


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Greg & Sue

Very cool keep it coming . we have been surfing and fishing most of the day in perfect warm, blue sky weather. Iknow that won't put you guys off your adventure but you might just think of us sitting under a big shady tree whatching the kid swim and fish when you get abit home sick.Ride safe.


Yeah well heres somethng for you to think about. I just got up its freezing cold and it rained all night. I am sitting here in my thermal underware and the hole in thhe front is letting a draft in. That should keep you entertained for the day :-)
Next time I come to Tassie I'm coming in June when its a bit warmer.


I don't think we will get a summer this year.
Keep an eye out for those Kangaroo's,You can see by the sign what they do that to cars,so you don't want to know what they do to motor bikes and there male riders. :)
Hope the weather clears up for you both. take care

dont get too sun burnt Buzz. :)

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