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February 27, 2008


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What a great spot at Craigs Hut. Looking at the pics of your fantastic shelter and remembering that you have a hole in your air mattress, how hard was that floor that you slepted on Guy!!!!!!!!
Some of those tracks that you rode on looks interesting and I am glad I wasn't the one that had to ride down that rocky and steep track.

Brad Mc

Hi Guy, I have been following your trip each day, UNREAL. makes me feel like trading my blue bike up for one of those orange 640 things. Looks like you have covered some great tracks and awsome country.How's your butt going after all that riding, hope you are using plenty of monkey butt cream.
Keep up the great pic's and story, I look forward to it each day.


hey Brad i can see you on one of those new 660 Tenere. Glad your enjoying lt.


Just to clarify, some people are claiming that they can see Dutchy's penis in the photo above where he is in the swimming hole and I would just like to make it clear that at no stage did Dutchie remove his riding shorts. Ok everyone good with that....good.

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