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August 22, 2007


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The saliva is shorting out my keyboard....must....stop...dribbling!!!wish i was there..


Well, its time for my rear wheel, tank, seat, Road book and ICO to do a fast lap of West Oz !!!

Jonny, hang on tight and bring yourself home in one piece!!!


Oh yeah, forgot my dust lights are on that journey too!!!

Come to think of it my UHF radio is missing too !!!

Geeze, I'll have to check the shed to see what else is missin !!


Great pic's Guy, was wondering what a racing Freelander look like. What about a pic of Colin's 6 liter turbo jeep. Don't those yamaha's look fast and light?? Homer's bike looks good if not a bit tall for you.Lets hope there is no mud for those 660 low front guards to clog up with.


So you guys are really doing it tough.... hey right.....

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