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August 20, 2007


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Sifting for Gold only to find magnesium ?
WTF ???


Man i hope KTM Australia are not following this treck, you guy's have got a long way to go so for fark sake, pull your heads in and make sure you get there!!!


The way you blokes are going all Geoff will have to ride is the camper van!! Stay safe

Rosie O'Mara

Gaz - I thought you were giving up throwing your toys on the ground in a fit of temper! The trip looks brilliant (except for the crashes) - keep the photos and blogs coming - it's nice to see what my big brother is up to. Stay safe - try not to bend yoursleves or your bikes too much more ;-)


So Rosie can testify Garry has always fallen off regulary !!!!

Thanks for sending the link for Gaz's trip - I was wondering...well, more like worrying how he was getting on. And by the looks of things he's keeping true to form and falling off at regular intervals....and he was so proud of his lovely shiny new bike !


This is awsome , I won't have to go for a ride for months . I'm just as bugged as you guys , I think my ass is even starting to feel sore and my wallet is grimacing in pain as I read your blog and view the pic's . Keep up the good work , I can't wait to see what lies in store for me tomorrow.


Last warning, if you boys can't play nicely with your toys then we will have to take them off you and you can all go to your rooms!


And the 640 just fly's along.


Hey boys, Correct me if I am wrong but I am sure camping is not staying in pubs.....what happened to rolling out the swags....I am yet to see you put up the tent..Guy.....!! Glad to hear that everyone is having a fantastic time. Keep sending through your very funny yet informative blogs and pics, its great having updates everyday. Good to see that everyone is trying to stay upright..oh...okay with the exception for Gaz.. Pace yourself boys, you still have along way to go... Keep safe.


Is that your speedo, Guy??Clocking....121....mmmm....

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