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August 21, 2007


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Great to see you all got through a full day without a crash of some kind ( only if you don't include a flat tyre and arriving on a truck a proper days riding that is ).I'm gussing tonight or tomorrow night should see you all safly into Kunnunara I hope for some well deserved r&r.Well done!!!! Ride safe... Oh i've got to go into the shed and give the 950 a handfull of revs and i found some dust to throw at the bike. Tomorrow i'm gona hook up a big spot light over the bike so it feels like the NT sun.:))


Congratulations on your win Guy....


All those man-ziers in that pub must mean a lot of blokes with man-boobs in that part of the world. Stay sober Guy, you don't know what could happen after all those days on the road. Sheeet, sailors used to think dugongs were mermaids, so man boobs could start to look good. If it gets scary, just flash your monkey butt at em. Or show em the photo - it'll scare anything away. Even Homer pictured trying to hump the ground.
Almost there, stay upright and keep the pics and story coming!


Bugger Me !!!, Garry have you started a new housing estate ???

You don't let up do you.
Is ther no local builder in that area, you have to cart one in to sell !!!!

Prime spot for realestate in that area ???


You've got it all wrong Greg. Clearly the low-loader is the new support vehicle with included accomodation. The lads are getting soft.


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