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August 31, 2007


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Leigh Woolley   (tassie)

Nearly there mate. Its been a great read. you and buzz have a couple for me.


bring it on home you good thing!!! thanks for the tour and I didn't even get a saw bum once.


Guy, Well done ol'son !!!
You have kept us entertained every day for 3 weeks with you witty comments.

I still don't know where you find room for ya butt on that 640 seat ???? maybe one day around the camp fire you will share some more insight into your 3 week partial circumnavigation of Australia.......

Hey, I rekon you will do well to have a beer with any safari participant after 9.30 saturday night.... a bed and pillow is a better option for them !!!

safe trip home and well done............ I have enjoyed your trip

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