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August 21, 2007


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Cool. The 660/690 looks the goods the bare ass dose NOT, the beds and beers do and the tyre problems do NOT. Live up the luxury while you can boys cause you still got 5500 kms to go thats, FIVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDREND KMS !!! Now the adventure begins:)


Well done lads... I think. Indicator lens will be despatched post haste to keep you in the hunt Guy. Not sure I can help with the balance issue on the 640 though. Only 5,500,000 metres to go! Bugger all really. Man those 690 Rallyes are hot.



Nice Ass!!!!!!!!


Sam, if you think that's a nice ass, I have some pics that will change your mind! ;-(

Oh, the shame and mental scars, it still lives with me.

Guy, please stop flashing your butt on rides. Obviously only your wife sees anything worthwhile in it. 8-)

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