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August 14, 2007


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Greg Eicke

You guys must have run out of DUCT tape by now ??

It's GREEN out there somewhere !!!

By the time you lot reach the Safari, the starting marshalls will think you are cheats and have been out checking the track !!!

Is there Corona in that big red truck ?


If there had even been six stooges you blokes could audition to be their doubles. Pics are working Guy, keep em coming. Just get Gaz to erect some road barriers around his bike when taking pics. I swear the way you blokes are going you'd manage to hit something on a treeless plain. Oh, PS: My 950 is for sale if you need a spare bike. ;-)


hey Guy, I see you haven't come off yet, you must have learnt a thing or two watching me :) keep safe and try to keep upright,


Hey dad hope the trip is goin awesome, bummer about the crashes u guys are having just make sure you guys get to the end, ok.:) anyway ill talk to u soon hope u have fun and be careful.
Love Jared xoxoxo


I bet the axe came out of homers pipe modification kit...

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