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August 31, 2007


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Well done mate it's been a great read on what looks like a great ride. As for the winner... Well, is it the first to put their bike into the container or the first to get it out in Brisbane? I can see this being an ongoing argument for years to come. Maybe toss a coin.



Looks like its been a good trip. Dad dont worry nothing s broken or fallen apart around here so you dont have to worry bout any un expected bills when ya get home. So you can spend it fixing ya bike when it get s back . Hopefully ya havnt wrecked it that much? Ill see ya at airport ill get there a bit early so can meet ya at flight when ya get off so were not walking around airport looking for each other. An thanks for the BLOG was good to see what you s were getting up to.Im sure everyone s enjoyed it.


Well done everyone in getting to perth. Thanks for the fantastic blogs and pics throughout the trip. OH!!! Congratulations Guy on your win but really, we all knew which bike would come out on top.
By the way, I am not washing your bike..... Jared told me he was happy to do that for you.


Great yarn there Guy and nice work on keepin gthe 640 intact. Look forward to hearing all the BS from you blokes once you get back.

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