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August 18, 2007


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Greg Eicke

Is that WATER ???????


Amazing how much camping gear you can fit onto the 640 Guy. The veranda with table and chairs is a nice touch. Ride safe...r fellas. Trust you lads got the ride tip sheet we included in the last delivery to the Isa. Where's the next drop point? The Hercules is fueled up and waiting on the tarmac. Still room for a couple more pallets of shite.

Rusty (Wet Nurse for the lads)


Bass are you really on this trek? So far all the photos are of the other blokes better get a piccy of your big mellon for proof!
Sorry the pit tour didn't happen but it is only a big hole in the ground anyway.
Looks great fun but give me bitumen any day!
Stay upright boys!

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